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Launch Offer: FREE HOME DELIVERY across Delhi NCR
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Teak furniture is usually sturdy and maintenance free and, if kept well, this furniture can last over 20 years!

Daily maintenance

  • Use a soft, lint-free dry or slightly damp cloth for daily dusting.
  • Do not use detergents, soaps, abrasive or alcohol-based cleaners. 
  • Place coasters or mats before placing hot or cold items on the surface. 
  • Wipe spills immediately. 
  • Ensure the furniture does not come in contact with any sharp objects, cat/dog paws etc. that may scratch/chip the polish/surface. 

General care

  • If the chair or table feels a little wobbly, it usually is due to a minute undulation on the floor surface. Check by placing elsewhere! 
  • Keep away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, humidity.
  • The first extreme winter can sometimes cause a slight color variation and severe heat or humidity can result in some tiny gaps in corners. This is rare and temporary and goes away on its own!
  • We have seen less than 0.1% termite cases in teak furniture. In the rare occurrence, inject immediately with an anti-termite chemical or call a trusted local treatment service. 
  • Do not drag or push the furniture. You don't want your piece to become unstable. Always lift and shift!
  • Do not rock or stand on chairs. It can cause the chair to become unstable. 


  • Glass/mirror has a natural tendency to get scratched. Keep away from children, sharp objects or jolts. 
  • We do not use toughened glass and care should be taken around children and pets. 


  • Remove spills with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Use table mats, trays and coasters wherever possible.
  • Fabric is not scotch guarded. Occasional dry cleaning is recommended for selected fabrics. Do not wash at home.
  • Faux-leather once scratched or damaged can not be reversed. Keep away from sharp objects. 
  • Woven fabric once torn/damaged cannot be reversed. Keep away from scissors and other sharp objects. 

Metallic parts, handles or faux leather parts

  • Keep away from extreme temperature, humidity and spillage of any kinds. 
  • Clean using a dry/slightly damp cloth. 

Please note that we, as an organisation, stand for animal rights and do not use or support use of original leather for furniture making.