Launch Offer: FREE HOME DELIVERY across Delhi NCR
Launch Offer: FREE HOME DELIVERY across Delhi NCR
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About Us

"Indian. Handcrafted. Teakwood. Furniture. No B.S."

Furniture Point comes from the lineage of a 6-decade old furniture maker family.

The store itself being over 30 years old and with every age line, we have learnt something new about our product, audience and business. However, one thing has remained unchanged - and that is India's obsession with the quality of furniture they buy. 

"I still use my 'shaadi wala' sofa", "the wood must last 10 years minimum" are statements we have heard a gazillion times. So we decided that among all our experimentation and evolution strategies, there is one thing that we'll never change - our quality.

And so FURNITURE POINT delivers you Made in India, handcrafted, domestic furniture that is bound to give your home the facelift that it deserves. 


Online retail

Choose from a wide variety of options in wooden furniture and accessories available on this website. We keep adding new designs very often so keep checking this space! 

Offline orders

If you are someone who still prefers to touch 'n' feel his or her purchase, then head straight to our store in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. Choose from a range spread over 3 floors, 7000 square feet and hundreds of options. We also take selective custom orders.


With our dealer network in over 15 cities Pan India, we specialise in making long distance deliveries to stores in all parts of the country. 


(FP Furniture Point is a Registered Trademark ® of our company)